3 thoughts on “Vienna Art Society Painting Demonstration

  1. I noticed you lightened the painting over a darker underpainting. For example, the tree in the foreground was initially painted as a darker flat surface. Later, you brightened it and added the sunlit side. Why not paint it with light and dark intially? How do you paint light over dark without picking up the darker underpainting?

  2. Joe,

    I start with the mid-tones or an average of the mass and add lights and dark accents. You can’t judge the extremes accurately without the halftone. Paint your lights thick and your darks thin. After the initial lay-in which is thin there should be a layer of paint between the bristles of the brush and the surface of your canvas; if you feel the texture of the canvas you’re pushing into the paint.

  3. Thanks. Your tip about relative coolness was fantsastic. I was always trying to put cool behind warmn. Cooler is better.

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