Texas Hill Country Demo

Armand Cabrera

I’m back from my Texas trip painting for a week out in the hill country. The flowers were a little past peak in some areas but still spectacular.Here is a demo from one of my sketches.

My process is to mass in the averages for the big shapes and work towards the smaller shapes and more detail in the later stages of the painting. Complete painting time in a little over an hour.

  Here is a photo of the scene when I started to paint. I’m actually a little to the left of where I set up.

I wanted to lock in the shadows first to preserve the light effects

The ground plane was my largest shape so I started there and then re-established the correct values for the trees after seeing it against the color I laid down for the grass

I worked the colors of the wild flowers into the grass colors and started modeling the two foreground trees.
The sky started to cloud up at this point so I designed my clouds into the scene.

I model the background trees and refined the sky a little more.

At this point I work all over the painting developing any unfinished elements and work to unify everything.

The finished painting 9×12 oil on linen

6 thoughts on “Texas Hill Country Demo

  1. This is so well done. The Hill Country is very special and your painting brings out the beauty here. I like how you handled the main trees.

  2. Thank you for the demo, it really felt like being there and watching you arrive at the final result.Fabulous!

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