Taking Time to Heal

Armand Cabrera
If you have read this blog or know me personally you know I’m a straight ahead, sleep when you’re dead kind of guy.  I let very little get in the way of my art. I make my living as an artist, I have no backup plan or safety net so there are very few times when I will admit I need to stop or slow down.
This though has been one of those times. Coming back from my show in Pasadena, I was unfortunate enough to be next to someone who was obviously sick with some respiratory problem on the plane. The flight was full and I couldn’t change seats.
You guessed it; I got sick once I was home. Not just I don’t feel good sick, but three days of I don’t know who I am, lying in bed with a fever sick, followed by respiratory congestion and flu like symptoms. A week of downtime for a self-employed artist is not good, deadlines must be met, bills paid.
Once I knew where I was I realized the fastest way for me to get better was to heal first, however long that takes. I would do what I could, but first signs of symptoms I would be back in bed.
How to cope with impending deadlines and bills? I work on things I can handle, I listen to my body tell me what I need. If its plenty more rest I take it. I do little prep things that don’t take much energy but move the ball forward.  Slow and steady and all that, I can’t afford anything else.
 I see a lot of friends who are constantly battling injury and disease. They ignore their doctors advice or what their body is telling them they infect themselves again or re-injure themselves constantly. My advice is give yourself time to heal. Forget what people think you should do listen to what your body tells you and be healthy; it’s the most important thing you can do for yourself.

6 thoughts on “Taking Time to Heal

  1. Hey, Armand. That's a drag. Being self employed means no one pays for sick leave. We all send you our best wishes to get well soon.

  2. Thanks everyone, I'm much better
    now,just chest congestion. Hopefully will be back to normal in the next week.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Drink a cup of fresh lemon and hot water every morning before you eat anything. This is a very healthy way to stay well. Be well and we look forward to your blogs.

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