Ravencon 2016


Armand Cabrera

I attended the Ravencon Science Fiction Convention this last weekend as a guest artist. The convention was a great place for people who enjoy the genre. Artist guest of honor was Vincent DiFate who is a force of nature in the art world, and I was glad to get a few minutes and sit a talk with him and hear some stories from his 50 plus year career as an artist.

Calling a Maker study 8 x 10 oil
The art show was well organized and there was some great stuff in the show. Most of what images were prints and I was one of the few people with originals. I showed a number of small studies that were the basis for larger paintings.

Ice Station study 9 x 12 oil
This process is a learning curve for me as I work on building new outlets for my imaginative work and so far the response has been positive. I do think going forward I will focus on larger venues and markets where there is a greater potential for sales of original paintings.

The Argonath study 9 x 12 oil

Saturday evening I did a 3 hour painting demo from a photo of a smaller study. This is the finished painting ‘Return to Dragon Hall’ 20 x 24 oil on canvas.