Split Rail Fence Demo

I had a few people show up for the Free  demo yesterday Out at the old stone bridge in Battlefield Park Manassas. I painted a 16 x 20 painting from start to finish. Total painting time just under two hours. I am crunching on an art deadline right now and will not have process shots from the demo until a later post.

Some people wanted to know what instructional books I would recommend for landscape painting Here are the books I mentioned yesterday. While there are many books out there on the subject this is my short list for people serious about painting landscapes from life. Jim Gurneys book is not a landscape painting book or how to book but has lots of information on representational painting and should not be missed.

All are currently available in print except the Trevor Chamberlain book which can only be found used and the landscape painting book by Birge Harrison  (this book is available free in electronic form) There are bad print on demand copies of the Harrison book out there but don’t buy them they aren’t worth the price.

Hardings Lessons on Drawing  by J. D Harding

Perspective for Artists by Rex Vicat Cole

Composition by Arthur Wesley Dow

Carlsons Guide to Landscape Painting by John F. Calrson

Landscape Painting by Birge Harrison

Oil Painting Pure and Simple by Trevor Chamberlain with Ron Ranson

Color and Light A guide for the Realist Painter by James Gurney