Hazel Valley Overlook Demo


Armand Cabrera

This site is on my friend Palmer Smith’s Property. Palmer who is also an artist, is in the process of building a house at this site and this is the view from what will be his front yard. He was gracious enough to let me come out and paint. What attracts me to this scene is the energy of the lush spring growth here and the chance to paint the varied shades of green moving into the distance.

I start by quickly laying in the drawing with a large brush. I’ve already decided to leave out the deadfall on the right and continue the grasses and flowers in its place.

I’m not sure which way the sun is going to go so I block in my darks next, locking in the shadow shapes.

Working from the back I lay in my large masses of color and value in the dark and middle ranges.

I finish massing in with the lights in the trees

Working all over the painting I build forms and add details.

Right now the sky holes in the trees in the top left are too distracting for me. I want my center of interest toward the center of the painting just behind the road.

The finished painting
Hazel Valley Overlook 20×24 oil on linen
Painting time for this canvas was two hours.