New Video Series

Diane and I have been working on a series of oil painting demos for my YouTube channel. The first one is finished and we have 7 more in various stages of production which we will be releasing over the next few weeks. The videos are compressed to an average of 20 minutes so as not to bore people.
We are a work in progress right now so the quality is garage band but we are already making improvements as we go and learn how to do this right. For the time being these will be studio paintings but I will eventually take this outside and record some plein air work too. My goal for these is to demystify the painting process and encourage people to pursue their own artistic endeavors
In the future we will do other demos in acrylics and watercolors as well as drawing and pen and ink. I will be creating things I like. Subjects will include landscapes, still life, figure as well as fantasy and science fiction.
If you enjoy this sort of thing please subscribe to my channel and like the videos so I know I am on the right track. If you feel up to it leave a comment. Thanks.