Mixing Greens Part 3

by Armand Cabrera Spring is officially, if not actually here for most of the country and I thought I would talk about green paintings again.  To read my first posts on tackling green in the landscape go here. I am going to talk about a philosophical approach to painting green which is a little different […]

Mixing Greens Part 4

By Armand Cabrera I’ve covered mixing greens for landscape paintings in earlier posts but I still have some advice that can help you capture the greens of spring and summer and make successful paintings. When you have a painting that has one color that dominates the image design becomes essential. When you restrict your color […]

Mixing Greens part 5

  By Armand Cabrera Summer is here. It’s not just the excessive heat and oppressive humidity and proliferation of insect life that we have to deal with. Once again and many people are dealing with summer greens. I’ve covered this subject quite a bit in earlier posts and while those ideas may overlap with some […]