Munnings in Middleburg VA

by Armand Cabrera I have written about sir Alfred Munnings before. If you are not familiar with this very talented artist I hope you will take the time to read my previous post here. The National Sporting Library and Museum  in Middleburg Virginia is hosting an exhibition The Open-Air Works of Alfred Munnings. Over 50 Painting […]

Photographing Your Art Part 1

By Armand Cabrera      It is always good to have high resolution images of your paintings for possible licensing deals, illustrations and editorial write-ups.  If you can’t afford professional services hi res digital files can be taken now with reasonably priced digital SLR cameras. If you choose to shoot digital photos of your work […]

Mixing Greens Part 4

By Armand Cabrera I’ve covered mixing greens for landscape paintings in earlier posts but I still have some advice that can help you capture the greens of spring and summer and make successful paintings. When you have a painting that has one color that dominates the image design becomes essential. When you restrict your color […]