Salamander Resort Project


Armand Cabrera
I’ve just finished a corporate project for a resort here in Virginia. The Salamander Resort and Spa will have two of my originals in the public spaces of the Hotel and prints of my work in each of the 165 rooms. I licensed the prints for a one time use.z
I will be offering the images on my Fine Art America Page.z
I have been lucky to get these kinds of projects every year or so. This is the largest so far. Most of these projects are for smaller boutique hotels and Bed and Breakfast inns where they are purchasing originals for the rooms instead of prints.
With jobs like this it’s important to have contracts in place. You will be dealing with groups of people during  a usually long approval process and a contract protects and informs both parties about what is expected and required by them to complete the project.
Your contract should include an upfront deposit of 50% of the total project and milestones for payments and kill fees if the project is cancelled or the client changes their mind about the direction of the artwork. Just because they change their mind or the project falls through doesn’t mean you don’t get paid for any work you’ve already completed. That can’t happen without a contract in place.

5 thoughts on “Salamander Resort Project

  1. Congratulations on such a nice project, Armand — and you're right, a contract is absolutely necessary…
    I believe there is a professionalism in providing one that puts the client at ease and even makes you more desirable to them to work with than someone who doesn't have one ready…
    Trump is next, eh?

  2. Eric,
    I think that's right and I think not having a contract is an artist just begging to be taken advantage of. A professional artist in my experience walks away from almost as many offers as they take in a year because of unprofessional potential clients.

  3. The paintings are beautiful and thanks so much for writing about the business end of things. I notice artists in general are loathe to discuss it so I appreciate you giving us that kind of info.


  4. For the just starting out here, how does one go about getting this type of project?

  5. For artists its important to make yourself known to Galleries, designers and design firms around the country. Stat involved in your local business community, start locally and spread out from there. Keep up on your local news and what is being built. Every corporate space that goes up will be buying art.

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