Road Trip

Armand Cabrera

Sorry for the delayed post. I’ve been teaching in California and have had limited access to the blog for some unknown reason. Here are some of the outdoor paintings I’ve painted while here. I will post the complete process for a couple of them when I get a chance.

The weather has been mild and perfect for painting outside. Painting the ocean from life is always satisfying. I’ve been working  on 12×16 linen panels. Just having one size makes travel a lot easier.
I shipped the OMS to the hotel ahead of time. and there was only one slight hitch with that.

It seems you can’t ship OMS or any solvent in containers larger than 32 ounces in CA anymore. Of course the way the law is written, you can ship as many 32 ounce containers as you want ; go figure. So instead of shipping a gallon can of OMS in one box, I had to buy and ship four 32 ounce cans in one box, which is still a gallon last time I checked. So all this law has done is made it more expensive to buy  and ship OMS because you are now buying it in smaller units. I love government.

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  1. Beautiful work. I love seeing your treatment of my home state! It looks like the coastline of Laguna or perhaps a bit more south, near San Diego.

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