Quotes from Harvey Dunn

(From An Evening In The Classroom)
all images by Harvey Dunn

When values are contrast use subtle color when values are subtle use contrasting color.

The character, position and weight of an object are in the edge

You must make the main thing in your picture appear most important. If anyone tells me my hat is more important than my head –by God I’m taking off my hat.

When you feel like putting something into your picture or do not know what is the matter with it, take something out.

To paint a mass simple and big you must keep out all the lights and darks that do not belong to its general value.

If you want to be clever in your picture don’t let anybody catch you at it. If they catch you you’re not clever.

8 thoughts on “Quotes from Harvey Dunn

  1. This is a wonderful blog. Thanks for all the time and energy that you put into it.

    The only thing is, could you please credit the artwork that is posted (even if it’s your own)?

    Many thanks,

  2. Thank you Armand. I wrote that post too quickly, I now see. Looking again at the Harvey Dunn aricle, I see that the beginning states “all images by Harvey Dunn”. I assume that note was there when I first saw the artilcle, and so the oversight was mine.

    Thanks again for a great blog.

  3. Tom,
    The oversight wasn’t yours and I posted the changes after you pointed them out to me so thank you.


    Illustration Magazine issue 17 has a great 20 page article on Dunn written by George Fernandez with 17 color images.

    The 1970 Robert Karolevitz book ‘Where Your Heart Is’ although mostly black and white is a great resource on Dunn too.

    I plan to post more on Dunn in the coming weeks including more quotes.


  4. There is a new book on Harvey Dunn with full color images and narrative by Walter Reed to be released in 2009 published in conjunction with the South Dakota Art Museum, Brookings, SD. The SD Art Museum has an excellent and significant collection of Dunn’s works. If you would like to be notified when the book is available, I suggest you contact them at 605-688-4279. They are also planning to reprint the Karolevitz book with updated images.

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