Painting the Cherry Blossoms

Armand Cabrera

Wednesday I got up at 5 am to ride the Metro into DC to paint the Cherry blossoms. I don’t go out every year to paint them and I was really looking forward to being there this year. I arrived just as the sun was coming up and hitting the tops of the trees at about 7:30 Am.


The blossoms are very ephemeral and when they start to bloom you only have a few days to capture them if things go well. The weather did not disappoint and it was a beautiful Spring day. Some years the weather is miserable, you never can tell. I have been there painting when it was in the 30’s and some years like this year it broke 90.


With two thirds of the Washington monument covered in scaffolding I gave it a pass even though it is one of my favorite subjects on the Mall.

I started and ended my day with the Jefferson Memorial. The Jefferson Memorial with its round shape, dome and columns is always a fun challenge for a two hour painting.


I painted the boathouse in between the two Memorial paintings. By the time I started the second painting it was standing room only in the more popular spots along the shore.

I walked the tidal basin twice taking photos for large studio paintings. I finished my third painting by 2 pm,  packed up and headed for the metro before the rush hour mobs. All in all it was a good day and a lot of fun.



5 thoughts on “Painting the Cherry Blossoms

  1. These are beautiful! The photos are good too! I've always wanted to go see the cherry blossoms on the appropriate day and time… I'm envious that you were there, and also that you completed multiple paintings! I love the last one especially. You created such a strong scene, contrasting the majesty of the nation's capital with the gentle softness of the blossoms and reflection of the water. It's really stunning!

  2. Very beautiful works, especially the last one a grand finale for the day I guess, the competing beauty of human and nature creations very well showcased! I was there years ago and the memory of this scene is still fresh, these wonderful paintings brought me back those memories, thank you!

  3. These paintings are beautiful! I haven't seen the cherry blossoms in years so it was great to see your post. Can't wait to see your large paintings of these beautiful scenes.

  4. Stellar work. I really like the handling of the water in all three.
    Looks like maybe some dry brush or dragging? Anyway gorgeous work and appreciated.

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