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Armand Cabrera
With spring and summer approaching fast, there are some things I want to let you know about  in the Northern Virginia Area. I will give a free painting demonstration On April 2 and again on April 9 At Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane VA.

I will start from a blank canvas at noon and complete a painting in about 3 hours.
Feel free to bring your dog, sit on the wonderful patio with incredible views, drink wine, listen to music, have a picnic lunch and watch a plein air painting being created!
I will also explain my process and answer questions as I paint.

I plan to do these free events as time and weather permit throughout the summer and I will post the information on my website and here as we lock down more dates.
These events are a lot of fun and I never know how many people will show up. I have had as few as 6 and as many as 100 come out to watch.


I also have a couple of workshops later in the year up and down the East Coast. These are already filling so make your plans soon if you would like to join me at one of these venues. More info can be found on my Workshop page on my website or using the links to the contact info below

In the fall I have a workshop in Maine at Acadia Workshops, the dates are Sept.19-23.  More info here
October 3-6 I will conduct a workshop through Anderson Fine Art Gallery on St Simons Island in Georgia this will precede my one man show at the gallery. Contact Anderson Fine Art Gallery for complete Info 912-634-8414
October 13-16 Northern Virginia Fall color Workshop. Come paint fall on my new home turf. More info here

4 thoughts on “Painting Demonstrations and Other Events

  1. I'm sure the folks will enjoy watching you paint. To complete a painting infront of an audience is
    like a magic trick of sorts.
    You are pulling a rabbit out of a hat!
    I have always enjoyed seeing the creation of a painting, almost as much as the painting itself!

  2. Hi Armand, I've been following your blog for a while, and I'm curious on how the fact that you are doing a demo influences the way you paint. I know some people have a problem talking at the same time as they paint (and so doing voice over on a painting video is better for them)but it seems you don't. Also, are there shortcuts or techniques you do when you paint by yourself that you don't do when doing a demo? Thank you.

  3. Chantal,

    Demo's for me are usually very intense and focused, especially at some venues where I am only given an hour or two to complete my painting.

    Of course because I have an audience I actually have to externalize my internal processes. Luckily I am very analytical and because of that it is a little easier for me.

    Big paintings are a challenge and in those instances where I’m finishing a 24×36 or 30×40 in three hours I have to really concentrate on basics- design, contour, edge, color, and value and let some of the finish go. They are still complete painting though.

    As an alla prima painter I think it is essential to finish what I start. Where other people get into problems is they usually don't finish their painting in one sitting anyway, so can't actually finish a demo.

  4. Thank you Armand, it makes a lot of sense that Alla prima works better:) I guess those of us who work slower are in for a trickier situation for demos:)

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