Painting Demonstration

Armand Cabrera

I will be painting at Riverbend Park in Northern Virginia tomorrow, Tuesday, June 19th, at noon, 12pm. I’ll start and, if weather permits finish a painting on location. For anyone interested in outdoor painting or painting from life in general, its a good opportunity to come out and pick my brain while I work. There is no cost to enter the park. There is a chance of rain tomorrow but I’m hoping to get my painting finished before it starts. If you decide to attend bring something to sit on, some water and an umbrella just in case. It will take me a little more than two hours to complete a painting. Although I got their permission the park and staff has nothing to do with me being there so please don’t bug them about it. I will post an update here at 11AM to let people know if the weather will force me to cancel or not.

Update: I will be painting starting a little after 12 noon.

3 thoughts on “Painting Demonstration

  1. Wish I were not in the Midwest, I would love to see you in action. I'm doing a festival paint-out this weekend, and did one last year, with the success of a sale, but the feeling of terror is slowly creeping up on me.

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