New Paintings

Armand Cabrera

I’ve returned from two weeks on the road. I got back just in time to catch peak color of autumn on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I taught a workshop, attended my reception for my one man show and visited with a new gallery owner in Florida.
The workshop was small but I had a good group of students. The weather was perfect. The reception for my one man show was well attended and sales were good. The show will continue through the end of the month.
Here are some outdoor paintings. The first three I did as demos during the Saint Simon Island workshop. The last are some fall color paintings from here in VA. All are 12×16 inches.
Gascoigne Bluff
Clam Creek Inlet
       Christ Church Afternnon
       Old Rag from Skyline
     Pinnacles Picnic Grounds
I was unable to finish this painting. I started it in heavy fog and rain but the sun came out and stopped me from finishing it.
Bull Run
Chin Ridge

8 thoughts on “New Paintings

  1. Great stuff as always, was looking forward to seeing these.
    Going to my first landscape workshop next weekend, hope I get good weather too!

  2. Thanks for the great workshop Armand, its not just color, it is also value.
    Thanks Tom

  3. Hey Armand,

    Great new paintings, Im loving your compositions. Beautiful work!


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