Mistakes in Choosing Email Addresses

Diane Burket

Choose an email address using your domain name…and never change it again!

If you’re using an email address with someone else’s domain name—you’re losing a great branding tool—and you’re advertising for other people. Comcast, Hotmail, Yahoo, Charter, AOL, Gmail, and other ISP’s are happy you’re giving them free advertising…but it’s not helping your business at all.

What am I talking about?

Here are 2 of my websites: http://www.dianeburket.com/ and http://www.armandcabrera.com/

I use diane@dianeburket.com and diane@armandcabrera.com for my primary email addresses. Although my Internet Service Provider (ISP) is Comcast….I don’t use the Comcast email they provide. (d_burket@comcast.net).

Why? Well, why would I advertise for Comcast? I already pay them for a service….I don’t need to advertise for them with every email I send! I’d rather advertise for myself.

Every email you send should have your own branding on it….not someone else’s branding. It’s your way to get your website address out there to everyone on the receiving end of your emails.

Most website hosts give you multiple email addresses FOR FREE! I use IXWebhosting.com. Inexpensive, (I pay only $3.95/month) great service…and 2,500 email addresses. Of course, I’ll never need that many. Take advantage of this benefit—you’re already paying for it.

I’m always surprised to see art gallery owners, actors, business owners, etc. using their ISP’s email addresses. gallery@comcast.net, actor@hotmail.com These same people spend countless dollars on advertising and press—but when it comes to their own email address, they advertise for someone else. Makes no sense.

Another benefit to consider in using your domain name email address…You don’t have to change your email address every time you move or switch to a different ISP. How often do you get a change of email address notice from family, friends and business associates? If they’ve got their own website, it’s unnecessary to change their email address every time they change ISP’s or jobs.

My partner and I moved across the United States a few years ago. We didn’t have to change our email address even though we changed locations and changed ISP’s. Our customers didn’t lose track of us and we didn’t have to bother them with a change of address notice. Simple.

So—-if you’ve got a website, brand with yourself and never change your email address again!

Diane Burket is an award-winning Voice Over Professional. She has been voicing scripts for over 20 years. She can be heard on National Commercials, Corporate Films, Training Videos, Telephone Prompts, Internet Sites and Multimedia recordings. In addition to her Voice Over, Diane also is the Agent for Armand Cabrera, a nationally-known oil painter represented by fine art galleries across the United States.




3 thoughts on “Mistakes in Choosing Email Addresses

  1. This is a good idea if it works.
    I have Verizon as my DSL provider and they have “issues” with other e-mail accounts. In the past when I had a web site, I don't now, it never worked right through the Verizon server. In other words sometimes I would get e-mail from this other account and sometimes it would not work. Verizon denies blocking other party e-mail accounts but they do it.

    Were I live I don't have any choice, it's comcast who are way to expensive or Verizon for DSL.

    I don't see any problem using the Verizon e-mail, most people do this and most people use e-mail without even reading the address or even being phased by it.

    I do get your point however and agree but where I live it's been such a pain using another address from a different ISP.

  2. I've never thought abou this, but it makes since. And I could change my email from "@yahoo.com" just like that? Thank you.

  3. Taisa—Diane Burket here…It's not quite that easy. You must own a domain name first, then set-up your email address on your hosting control panel. Your hosting company should be able to help you with this.

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