Interview: Art School I’m Confident I Can Get There

My friend Glenn Kim honored me with an interview for his series ‘Art School I’m confident I can get there.’ Glenn asked for older pictures, so I have a seascape I painted at 15 and some fantasy paintings painted in my late teens and early twenties as well as a couple of current paintings.

Glenn is an artist at Pixar and he also has a ranch where he teaches art. Glenn has worked on Bugs life, Toy Story 2, Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Monsters Inc. and Wall-E. He came up with the idea to interview people who make their living as artists to show young people there are many ways to make a living as an artist, the first interview was with James Gurney, I was the second, followed by an interview with Cassandra Smolcic another Pixar artist.

Here is the link to my interview

2 thoughts on “Interview: Art School I’m Confident I Can Get There

  1. I'm impressed with your interview, and the art along with it!
    Childhood is difficult, yet forges
    Is it when we become adults that the fruit of our laybor becomes apparent?
    (Some apples never get picked..)

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