Great Falls Workshop Demo


Armand Cabrera

This little profile was painted on the last day of my three day workshop in Great Falls Virginia over the weekend. The class was a studio class and we had 15 people in the workshop. Everyone worked hard and hopefully came away with some new ideas for improvement.

Every day I tackled a different subject for the demos. I wanted to show that the process I teach and the color palette I use works with any motif. I limit my demos during class so students get more painting time. This was a one hour demo with some touch up at home to finish it. I usually finish things in one sitting but demos are a special circumstance and sometimes I feel the need to finish them when I’m home.

The Recruit 12×9 oil on linen

5 thoughts on “Great Falls Workshop Demo

  1. Hey Armand,

    Thats a awesome portrait! Great lighting. I love the drawing in this one. Did you start with a line drawing, or large color masses, the right shape and size, that you later drew into?

    Paint Well, Jason

  2. Jason,

    Thanks for asking. I started by making a loose drawing with a big brush. I then blocked in the shapes as flat areas of color and then modelled them and corrected as I finished. I used a limited palette of warm and cool primaries, viridian and white.

  3. Hi Armand,

    This looks great. Was this done from a model, or photo?
    I saw your post on painting a landscape. It's helpful to hear how you approch the canvas. Thanks!

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