Finished Still Life Paintings

I have finished up my little small works still life paintings.  Prices and sizes with images are posted on my website. Diane has also made a little video of the paintings which you can see there too.

The online show will run through December 15th

Perfume  Bottles  and    Chrysanthemums
8 x 10                              Oil on Linen

Artisan Bread and honey      8 x 10       Oil on Linen

Brass Pot and Veggies     8 x 10           Oil on Linen

Dogwood                 8 x 10                  Oil on Linen

Peppers                    8 x 10                  Oil on Linen

Pothos and Wildflowers    8 x 10          Oil on Linen

                                                  Red Rose       10  x 8            Oil on Linen

Pink Rose              9 x 12                      Oil on Linen

                                         Silver Vase and Rose        9 x 12           Oil on Linen

Pink and Gold           9 x 12                   Oil on Linen

                                          Something Hot              9 x 12               Oil on Linen
                                          Champagne Glow         11 x 14             Oil on Linen
                                          Farm Fresh                11 x 14                Oil on Linen

Oleander          14 x 11           Oil on Linen

Summer Basket             11 x 14             Oil on Linen


2 thoughts on “Finished Still Life Paintings

  1. They are all great. Champagne Glow is awesome. Not sure what lighting situation created that (subsurface scattering?), but it doesn't matter, the end result is really something.

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