Drawing How To: Pencil Masters

By Armand Cabrera

I thought I would post some drawings by artists I think are the best at landscape drawing. These drawings are more than rough sketches and show a command of handling and design. This type of drawing is becoming a lost art with computers, photos and projectors. I like both these artists for different reasons, they each capture the truth of a scene at the same time imparting their own style to it.

Ted Kautzky
Ted kautzky books on bookfinder

James Duffield Harding
JD Harding free google books

2 thoughts on “Drawing How To: Pencil Masters

  1. These are beautiful! I agree that landscape drawing is becoming a lost art form; you just don't see much of it, even among the current fine art community. There is something so poetic about the drawn landscape. Another fantastic landscape draughtsman is Edward Lear.

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