Armand Cabrera

The 2017 eclipse did not disappoint. Even though we were not in the path of totality it was still a great experience. I took about fifty pictures from my front porch here in Northern Virginia. This was my best shot. Right after the peak, which was 82% here, it clouded up and started to rain. During the height of it, the temp dropped ten degrees and the light was like being in a car with tinted windows.

What’s Been Happening – November 2017

Armand Cabrera

         Sunset Serenade 48 x 36 oil on linen


I haven’t posted in a while—lots of commitments keeping me busy and competing for my attention. I find myself using other platforms to get information out there and because of that, my blog posts have suffered. The blog format is starting to feel outdated to me now with all of the focus shifted to other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and YouTube.
I spend most of my social media time on Facebook. That site is where I get the best response to my paintings in terms of direct sales and student signups for workshops. It’s also where I interact with most people, either privately through Facebook’s internal messenger or in public.  Please feel free to visit my personal Facebook page:
My Facebook posts are not limited to just art.  I also share my politics and beliefs about a wide range of topics.
For people only interested in my artwork, I have a professional page on Facebook.  This is where I post paintings and upcoming shows and workshops.
My other social media links are as follows:
I will continue to post here on the blog as I find new things to talk about or revisit old ideas that I may have gained some new insight and I think are worth sharing. A lot of people are using the blog format for posting videos, but at this time I am reluctant to start down that path. The amount of time it takes to create free video content for blog supporters is just too prohibitive to do on a regular basis given my current lifestyle.  I hope you understand. This might change in the future, but right now I want to continue to paint for clients and galleries and teach workshops around the country.
If anyone has specific questions about my painting process or philosophy that they would like me to share here, feel free to post a comment and I will try to answer them as best I can.
Gulf Shore Majesty 30 x 36 oil on linen