Bull Run Bluebells              16×20                       Oil on Linen

I will be conducting a painting demonstration  For the McLean Project for the Arts at the McLean  Community Center this coming Friday April 27 from 10:45Am to 1:30 PM. The demonstration is open to the public.


The address For the McLean Community Center is

1234 Ingleside Avenue, McLean, Virginia.
 I will start and finish a large oil painting from a small sketch painted outdoors. If you are in the area come on by and watch and ask questions about the painting process or the business side of being a professional artist. Last time we had quite a turnout with over 75 people showing up.

Maine Workshop Sept 17 – 21 2012

Armand Cabrera
I have a workshop coming this year in Bernard, Maine on beautiful Mount Desert Island. Last time I was up there at Acadia Workshops I had so much fun I signed up to do it again. We had a great time and the weather was perfect. If you are interested in painting in one of the most stunning coastal areas of the country I hope you’ll consider signing up. The dates are September 17th through 21st Please contact Gail Ribas at AcadiaWorkshops.
These are some of the paintings I did of the area.

Painting Demonstration

Armand Cabrera

I will be painting at Riverbend Park in Northern Virginia tomorrow, Tuesday, June 19th, at noon, 12pm. I’ll start and, if weather permits finish a painting on location. For anyone interested in outdoor painting or painting from life in general, its a good opportunity to come out and pick my brain while I work. There is no cost to enter the park. There is a chance of rain tomorrow but I’m hoping to get my painting finished before it starts. If you decide to attend bring something to sit on, some water and an umbrella just in case. It will take me a little more than two hours to complete a painting. Although I got their permission the park and staff has nothing to do with me being there so please don’t bug them about it. I will post an update here at 11AM to let people know if the weather will force me to cancel or not.

Update: I will be painting starting a little after 12 noon.

Fall Workshops 2012

Armand Cabrera

                                                                     Jekyll Island

I have two workshops coming up in the next few months. In my workshops I work very hard to preserve the participant’s style of painting and help them get through to the next level wherever they are at in their career. Some of the things I cover are general approaches for making a painting, organization, color theory, paint application, edges, and drawing.  For more advanced students I work to get their ideas focused and to find the truth and emotional content of a scene and how to express their singular vision with maximum impact.
Wilmington Waterfront
The first is in Wilmington North Carolina, October 12-14. This will be sponsored by Nelson Fine Art. 
1982 EastwoodRoad
Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone: 910.256.9956

Denise Smith and Sandy Nelson, the owners have invited me down to teach a three day workshop.  That area has some great places to paint like Greenfield Park and Airlie Gardens, the Wilmington Waterfront and I’m looking forward to seeing that part of the state again.
Greenfield Park
Next I’ll be in Saint Simons Island Georgia again. The dates for the workshop are October 29-November 1 through Anderson Fine Art Gallery and we already have quite a few people signed up for this.
3309 Frederica Road
St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522

 Some of the places I’ve painted in the past include Christ Church and the cemetery grounds, Fort Frederica National Monument, Gascoigne Bluff, Jekyll Island, Darien, and Fort King George. There is a lot of rich history on the island and the surrounding areas and painting the Golden Isles is always fun.
                                                                           Marsh Edge

Finished Still Life Paintings

I have finished up my little small works still life paintings.  Prices and sizes with images are posted on my website. Diane has also made a little video of the paintings which you can see there too.

The online show will run through December 15th

Perfume  Bottles  and    Chrysanthemums
8 x 10                              Oil on Linen

Artisan Bread and honey      8 x 10       Oil on Linen

Brass Pot and Veggies     8 x 10           Oil on Linen

Dogwood                 8 x 10                  Oil on Linen

Peppers                    8 x 10                  Oil on Linen

Pothos and Wildflowers    8 x 10          Oil on Linen

                                                  Red Rose       10  x 8            Oil on Linen

Pink Rose              9 x 12                      Oil on Linen

                                         Silver Vase and Rose        9 x 12           Oil on Linen

Pink and Gold           9 x 12                   Oil on Linen

                                          Something Hot              9 x 12               Oil on Linen
                                          Champagne Glow         11 x 14             Oil on Linen
                                          Farm Fresh                11 x 14                Oil on Linen

Oleander          14 x 11           Oil on Linen

Summer Basket             11 x 14             Oil on Linen