Armand Cabrera Videos

My partner, Diane Burket, is a voice over professional and has been going through my older posts and recording them as video podcasts. She has been posting them on YouTube the past few weeks, so I thought I would provide links to them here so people can listen/watch when they choose.

Mixing Greens


Painting Autumn Color

Aldro Thompson  Hibbard

Isaac Levitan 

 Frederick Waugh Biography


Albert Thomas DeRome Biography
How To Paint A Straight Line

Organizing The Palette

Old Town Painting Demonstration
Instruction:  Shapes and the Importance of Edges
Ediza Lake Painting Demonstration

2 thoughts on “Armand Cabrera Videos

  1. This is a nice way to present your blog posts. I find I can appreciate it in two ways. One way is to run it as an audio podcast while I'm painting, and just listen to the insights on their own, ignoring the pictures. Diane's reading is very clear and easy to listen to.

    The other way is to sit back and really look at the paintings while Diane gives the background info. I tried that with the Waugh piece, and it was nice to be able to look at the paintings for 15-20 seconds each, thankfully without Ken Burns moves, which force the viewer to look at something a certain way.

    If you guys felt like doing it, I could imagine Diane reading a longer 19th century text, maybe a journal or a treatise, with images scrolling by every 15 seconds or so. It would be a pleasure to settle into such a format. What do other folks think?

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