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Armand Cabrera
I’ve recently have split my Facebook presence in two. I now have an Armand Cabrera Fine Art page on Facebook.
This will be the place to get information about upcoming shows and events that I participate in. See new work that I create, and get information about workshops and classes that I teach. The page is public so you only have to like the page to keep up with what’s going on.
I find Facebook has taken over social networking for what I do in my age group.  It’s my primary interaction with people nowadays. I’m on Facebook every day now.If you use Facebook please consider liking my Armand Cabrera Fine Art page.

That does not mean I will neglect this blog, the blog will still be where I share more in depth information about art topics that interest me, historical articles about painters I like, the dissection of different art process and art philosophy. I will be able to share more images and video here on the blog. The blog is only weekly and will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Your painting is lovely. I admire the soft blend of colors and the palette that you use to achieve such the mood. I'm glad you aren't going to stop blogging in favor of facebook interactions. I find Facebook to be a necessary thing, yes, but it often seems very superficial. When artists write blog posts, readers can really get a sense of who they are and what there approach to art is all about.

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